Apple Pie Moonshine, quite possibly the best dessert I’ve ever had!

My fiance recently came back from visiting her brother in Tennesee, and like any good mate we bring back each other gifts should we travel alone. Over the years, we have made it a hobby of ours to visit different breweries, wineries, and distilleries while in any given town to sample the local spirits. This time would prove no different.

While in Tennesee, she visited “Ole Smoky Moonshine” distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I was not told much about the distillery in particular, as they all tend to blend in to each other after you’ve visited as many as we have. Still, this is a MOONSHINE distillery, something that we don’t typically have around the northeast! So naturally, she shoots me an email at the office with a link to their online store and tells me, “If there’s something that you want, let me know.”

Well, let me take a quick lil’ peruse ’round this lil bit! I’m typically just a beer drinker so I don’t know much about any of the liquors, but like I’m going to let a silly technicality like that stop me! After a quick scan of their wares, my eyes fall upon “OLE SMOKY ® APPLE PIE MOONSHINE ™” with the description of Americana in a jar….Well then! Again, since I’m not big in to the liquor scene, I decide to go for this since it seems to be the most unique on the list, and wait for return.

Upon her return, she lets me know that the jar is in one of the boxes on the table. Yes, you read that right, “The Jar”. To keep with the Appalachian spirit, they sell their moonshine the proper way which is in a mason jar. OoOoOo, come to daddy!

The jar looks like it’s filled with a pale apple juice, but I’m not so naive as to be fooled by this! A quick twist of the lid and I took a deep inhalation of the pure Tennessee Spirits…Apples….Cinnamon…the sudden desire for vanilla ice cream…I need to sample this QUICK!

No time to grab an actual shot glass, any of the shorter glasses in the cabinet will work. With a quick pour in to the obviously over-sized tumbler, I take my first swig…and…I realize I may be in trouble it was so good! Luckily, this particular liquor is only 40 proof, so I won’t be stumbling through the house too quickly. It has just enough alcohol so that after liquidized pie from every holiday caressed my every taste bud, it left my throat with a warming memento of what just was. Ooohhh….this could be trouble!

This past weekend I had one of my friends over for dinner, and there’s just no way I could keep this to myself. Blessings like this must be shared amongst all people of good will. Much to my expectation, he shared similar approval of the new beverage.

To those who have yet to experience the pleasure that is Apple Pie in a jar, I highly suggest it. I cannot promise how much longer my jar with retain any contents, so I suggest you go find your own!


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