6th Borderlands 2 Character Class


This will be the 6th playable character class to be released unto the anarchist chaos that is PANDORA! Well, Anarchist except for Handsome Jack, but….Or the Crimson Raiders, or The Firehawk to some extent, or The Slab king….oh never mind! Anyway, this will be Gearbox’s follow up to Gaige the Mechromancer (speaking of Anarchy) and her loveable most bad-ass Death Trap.

Gaige was a ton of fun to play, I must be honest. Trying to figure out the best balance in the Ordered Chaos tree was a challenge in itself, let alone suppressing the Pavlovian response to reload constantly so I have a fresh clip ready for the next wave.

Stackin’ up the anarchy!

So to continue our fun in the Pandoran sun, Gearbox has has teased us with the latest addition to their roster of Vault Hunter. From the above video, we learn a few things:

1) Secret origins

The very first text on the screen (after the logos) is that it is coming from “DEEP BENEATH PANDORA”. This is going to suggest some kind of secret lab or hideout of some kind. We don’t know what, but given the red tinted monochromatic theme here, it will be falling short of Nevernever land!

2) This thing is pissed!

The second text of the teaser states that “an experiment” has escaped. So it’s been treated in ways against it’s will and will probably have some severe anger issues. Also, at 0:12 we see “it” reach out from a cage and claim its latest Bandit. 

3) Melee Based

In the next immediate clip, we see “it” give what looks like a spinning uppercut to a Nomad. Nomads are a tougher opponent type, so if it can knock one of those guys back then “it” is going to be on par with Zer0. Even in the next strike, it descends from above and takes out another bandit. 3rd death, 0 gun shots.

Melee Strike / Many Will Fall / But who’s that?

4) Bio-Mechanical

At 0:29 we can clearly see some kind of wire bundle or tubing coming from its back to its left arm. So now we’re at some kind of enhanced humanoid.

Oh, and more research subjects are wanted. (insert chills of ominous foreboding)

5) No mention of a level increase

Yes, I have to go there. While this is all good and dandy, here’s the problem: How many gamers have already gone taken their character, even multiple characters, all the way up to level 50 and now refuse to play unless they can actually get some kind of progress out of it? Personally, I have a level 50 Mechromancer, 40ish Commando and 30ish Assassin. I’m not so sure how much I really want to kill Knuckledragger AGAIN! Granted, at first pass it shouldn’t really matter that I have 1 character maxed out, and potentially can have 3 (if I were still playing it) and bringing this up to a 4th, but here’s the catch: Gearbox set a precedence for themselves in Borderlands 1 to have level cap increases and the achievement itself suggests that there will be an increase. In the meantime and inbetween time, they’ve been releasing additional Shift Codes for Golden Keys and new skins, but still no increase.

One issue holding them back is in the programming itself. In a February 7th article, Randy Pitchford straight up states that the algorithms used would crash the system if they increased the level cap and allowed the vault hunters to become stronger in the current system. However, as per a more recent article, it appears that we’ll be in store for “something”, hopefully by the end of March. So for now, all we can do as consumers is sit back and wait and hope that something will come of it.

Until then, here’s my wild-ass prediction for what the new class will be: Lab Rat, TMNT Themed! Hear me out, here’s why:

First, watch this and learn something:

When you first get the mission, Tannis mentions that they are a group of test subjects that have escaped and need to be brought down. The location of this mission is in the Bloodshot Stronghold. The “decor” of this location is striking similar to the background of the teaser trailer, being underground in some super-industrial underbelly. The Teaser trailer also makes mention to the escapees coming from DEEP BENEATH PANDORA, which suggest a subterranean location such a the sewers (TMNT) or The Fridge where Rats are more than plentiful. Finally, the silhouette of “it” shows a hulking humanoid with a gigantic arm, much like a Lab Rat. And as the name Lab Rat would imply, it is a character type that would be subjected to all sorts of experiments with the complete abandon of ethics or morality.

So there you have it! Fans of Borderlands 2 will be treated with a new Character Class in the near future. Unfortunately, the Season Pass only applies to Campaign DLC, not skins or characters so you’ll have to flip some coin for this. As wild as my crazy prediction is, I will have no shame if I’m wrong but you can bet your next round of Microsoft Points that I’ll be shouting CALLED IT!! if I’m right. 

Any other crazy, speculative predictions out there?


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