St. Baldrick’s Shave-a-thon 2013

Yep, that's pretty much the way you feel after the first time!
Yep, that’s pretty much the way you feel after the first time!

This is the first post to the “Philanthropy” catagory, and hopefully it will be far from my last. For this entry, I’ll be discussing my adventures in the St. Baldrick’s Shave-a-thons. The first question you would logically have is, “Saint who? Shave-a-wha!?!?”

It’s quite simple, really. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a charitable organization that is dedicated to helping fund childhood cancer research. The way that they do this is in the form of “Shave-a-thons”, where the concept it quite simple. As almost everyone knows, one of the treatment options for cancer is Chemotherapy which typically causes the recipients to lose their hair, thus creating chemically induced baldness. This is where the Head Shaving aspect comes from.

The “-drick’s” part of their name comes from the foundation’s origin. Back in 1999:

Tim Kenny issues a challenge to colleagues John Bender and Enda McDonnell: How will you give back in return for your own good fortune in business? Enda’s thick head of hair gives John the big idea—shave their heads for donations to raise funds for kids with cancer.  The annual reinsurance industry’s St. Patrick’s Day party, held at Jim Brady’s pub in Manhattan, becomes the first St. Baldrick’s event. The goal of shaving 17 heads and raising $17,000 turns into 19 bald heads and $104,000 donated to fund the research of the Children’s Oncology Group.

~ St. Baldrick’s website

And thus, it was born and has been growing ever since!

Me at the St. Baldrick’s last year, 2012, making me look like a monk….thanks….

The donation process is simple as well:

  1. CLICK HERE and donate “on my head” (which is totally the best way) by either clicking the DONATE button at the top of the page
  2. Printing out the donation form, also found on my page
  3. Or by calling (888) 899‑2253 and making a donation by phone

If you have any concerns about the organization’s legitimacy, you may view all their financial info here, including all of their Annual Reports, 501(c)(3) Affirmation letter, and other required documents.

This will be my 5th year participating, and it keeps getting better each year. The reason I keep participating in these events is FIRSTLY in honor of my cousin who is a childhood cancer survivor, and then because these events are so much FUN! Seriously, I’ve been to and hosted many charity events over the years and they all typically have a sullen undertone. It’s as if everyone knows that they’ve gathered for a benevolent cause, but at the same time we are saddened by the need for the event.

2011. Did I mention that it takes place close to St. Patrick’s Day? and that we love Guinness?

The aforementioned “sullen undertones” just don’t exist at one of these events. I mean, how can they? They typically take place a bar in the city so there’s more than enough liquid courage to go around. On top of that, everyone has gathered to watch their friends and family GET THEIR HEADS SHAVED! What’s funnier than that? There is no room left for attempting to act “too cool” to be silly, since you just voluntarily shaved your head for charity. In the past years, the one that my friends and I participate in has grown to include raffles, silent auctions, live bands, green hair extensions, green cupcake sales, and general tom-foolery.


If you have any additional questions, you may either click HERE to view the official event’s page, or just sound off in the comments below!


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