Krieg, The Psycho Bandit! (And other BL2 DLC news)

** UPDATE – 5/6/2013 **

Gearbox has officially announced that Krieg will be released on May 15th. GET READY TO LIGHT THE FUSES!!!


And now, he has been officially announced! Much to my dismay, the new Borderlands 2 6th Character class will NOT be a TMNT themed lab rat, but that’s ok. As a new twist, the folks over at Gearbox will allow us to play as Krieg, a Psycho Bandit, complete with one of those freaky looking Buzz Axes! Check the new and updated trailer for the release:

So here we have Krieg who is obviously all sorts of ready to dole out some Pandoran Harshness. He is wielding a modified Buzz Axe in his right hand and his left has a bolted gauntlet that is connected to his back (I think?). He’s rocking the typical Psycho Bandit garb, which is essentially bare-chested desert punk, and has a gas-mask breather on top of his Borderlands inspired hockey mask. There’s really not much about this guy’s visage that doesn’t say “BEAT DOWNS FOR EVERYONE!!”

By the way, was I the only person who kept thinking KRIEGER BOTS every time Krieg’s name was mentioned at the conference?

MOVING ON, let’s take a closer look at what we have waiting for us.

As stated before, Krieg is going to be heavily melee based; His Action Skill is that he goes on a rampage with his Buzz Axe. That should be entertaining! And also, they claim that you’ll be able to use the Buzz Axe as both a Melee and RANGED weapon! Just like those annoying bastards in the game that put their entire body in to a throw when you’re trying to focus on their face for a headshot BUT KEEP GETTING POPPED BY THEIR SEEMINGLY ENDLESS SUPPLY OF AXES!!!

Also, we were given a brief synopsis of his skill trees:

BLOODLUST: This tree focuses on “stacking” bonuses, much like Gaige’s “Anarchy”. I was a huge fan of this even while it was frustrating to learn and manage. Reportedly there are several Kill Skills in this tree, so stacking up the bonuses can result in huge damage!

MANIA: Sounds close to “Reaver” skill set from Dragon Age. The closer you get to death, the more deadly you become. There’s even an override for your Fight For Your Life called “LIGHT THE FUSE”. Rather than firing away for one last kill, you start hucking bundles of dynamite at enemies and complete it with a climatic and suicidal KA-BOOM!!! that will still revive you if you take that last baddie with you! Here’s the gameplay trailer from the conference that shows this little dance:

HELLBORN: This is something I’ll probably be investing heavily in! In this tree, you essentially become one of the Burning Psychos! The lower level skills increase the chance you can get set on fire, which in turn increases the chance you can set enemies on fire. Get in there and burn’em down!

Also in the announcement, Gearbox also let the gamers in a some other special news.

LEVEL CAP INCREASE!! Yes, they finally are releasing a recoding of the game that will jack the level cap up to 61, once again turning it up to 11. Time to keep stacking up the chaos!!

PEARLESCENT LOOT!! Yep, they’re back. Super rare, super powerful, so get back to farming Terramorphous.

ULTIMATE VAULT HUNTER MODE!! We’re now up to Playthrough 3. Guess it’s time to save Claptrap’s eye again.

RELEASE DATE!! April 2, 2013.

FREE!! kinda… If you bought the season pass, which I obviously did, you get all this for free. Otherwise, it’ll cost you ~$5.

So, who’s ready to beat Jack’s ass one more time?


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