T.A.O. of GTA V

UPDATE – 7/11/2013: A new trailer has been released by Rockstar for GTA V. See my review for it HERE

Today the fine, upstanding staff at Rockstar Games released a trio of trailers for their upcoming release, Grand Theft Auto V. Simply amazing that even in to the 5th of a series, and with a handful of sidesteps, the series is still fresh. I’m sure mainstream media will focus exclusively on the violence and sex and other devices that make this fictional vice ridden city so provocative (see what I did there?), so I’m sure we’ll all be lying in wait for the time when we gamers needed to defend our hobby AGAIN. But until then, lets take a look at the trailers, shall we? Continue reading T.A.O. of GTA V


T.A.O. of Watch_Dogs

Playing on the rampant proliferation of wireless networking, Ubisoft is set to grace us a new dramatic techno-thriller, “Watch_Dogs”. Right from the start, I’m already excited for this concept! The name itself is of particular initial interest. The term “Watchdog” originally was used to describe an actual dog whose duty was to guard protect. A more modern usage of the term now describes a benevolent entity which is set on enforcing justice through surveillance, typically through journalism. Also noted is the use of the underscore within the game’s title, since the actual term “Watchdog” is not even hyphenated. Use of the underscore is more common with those who use computers often in place of a space, since certain types of codes and file name parameters forbid it. So right from the game’s name, we know that there will be an element of ensuring the truth through some form of investigative measures and that computer usage will be at the heart of the plot line.

And now, for the trailer:

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The Creation of T.A.O.: Trailer Analysis Overkill

Tonight, I formalize my game trailer reviews in to a recurring piece that I will call “T.A.O.: Trailer Analysis Overkill”. The concept is simple; I will attempt to scrutinize every aspect of a game’s trailer that I can wrap my mind around. I believe that there is much that can be drawn by becoming more than just a casual observer. The reason for this is all based in the most basic of business principles, “Time is money”.

Consider this: If your company in investing copious amounts of money in to the writing and development of a game, you’re going to want to advertise and promote it. One such method is to create a trailer that can become a TV commercial (30-60sec in length) or a trailer that can be viewed online for a more extended amount of time, say 90sec or more. for every second that the trailer is developed, it is costing the company money. every lighting effect needs to be calibrated, every word spoken must be recorded and mixed, and all staff involved in the recording, editing, mixing, and production of every element is expecting some for of compensation.

On the finished end, consider this side of the finances: a company has somewhere between 30-120sec to convince me to buy this game. How are you going to do it? They are going to cram as much information as they can in those seconds and hope that it’s done in some cohesive manner. But to capture all the elements of a modern game in that short amount of time? Characters, places, combat mechanics, scenarios, and settings must all be represented in some form.

So while the scenery may look pretty and the protagonists voice ominous, my thought is this: With all this money flying around in the development of this trailer, let alone the full game itself……way spend 3sec with a close up of some seemingly innocuous street merchant, unless she’s something more?

3D Printing Overview

By now, many of you have probably heard about his AMAZING, SCIENCE RE-DEFINING, SUPER TECHNOLOGY known as 3D PRINTING! It’s PRINTING, but in 3D!!!! ZOMG!!!! But how many of you out there can really grasp what it’s all about? How far has this technology come? If it has been around for years (which it has), why is it coming to the public’s eye just now? In this blog post, I’ll share what I know, what I’ve done, where it’s at, and where I see it going.
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Thief Trailer Response – Stealth in HD

In an earlier post, I had lamented the passing of the Stealth Factor in the Assassin’s Creed series. As it’s fan base grew and story progressed, we saw a definite increased focus on the combat mechanics and visualizations and a reduced emphasis on the slow and methodical demands of the stealth. With the upcoming reboot of Thief, it would appear that we’re getting back to that ideal. Continue reading Thief Trailer Response – Stealth in HD