The Rantin’ & Ravin’ Show 5-28-2013

The Rantin’ & Ravin’ Show 5-28-2013

I was just on the Rantin’ & Ravin’ Show discussing the Xbox One Reveal!

The Rantin’ & Ravin’ Show is the live internet radio show for the Sports Rants website. Typically, the show is dedicated to Sports talk, but this week the host decided to have me on to discuss the console and how it will impact sports fans. I touched on the integration of the console with your live TV and sports, the NFL agreement, and tracking your fantasy team. Unfortunately, it was a short segment so there was NO WAY we could cover everything. But to catch up on what all went down, here’s my write up and here’s IGN’s console comparison.

Here’s to hoping for several more appearances!


T.A.O. of Destiny – Law of the Jungle Trailer

For awhile now, the gaming community has been anticipating the newest project from Bungie. In a previous announcement, we learned that their new project, Destiny, is to be something massive and immersive. From the initial details, it seems that Bungie will be sticking close to the concept of Halo, being a Sci Fi Space Combat FPS. The thing that struck me the most regarding it’s announcement trailer was that it suggested that the story would unfold over the 10 years. That’s quite an ambitious goal! Not only are you certain that this game will be amazing, but it will be so amazing that it will warrant additional games to be made after it and that these additional iterations of the game will be continue to be so alluring that the franchise will persist for a full decade! Ok Bungie, show me what you’ve got! Continue reading T.A.O. of Destiny – Law of the Jungle Trailer

Xbox One: An Aftermath Recap

UPDATE: Xbox One Pulled a 180

Back on May 21, 2013 Microsoft revealed their next-gen gaming console in the first of a two part reveal. This is to be the gaming console to replace their current product, the Xbox 360. After much speculation and many unconfirmed rumors, it was revealed that the new system was to be named “Xbox One“. And with that, the official reveal had begun.  Continue reading Xbox One: An Aftermath Recap

Pirates of Dark Water

Pirates of Dark Water:

A quick look at the True Golden Age of Pirates trailer for Assassin’s Creed 4

The term “Golden Age” conjures up a very specific set of imagery regardless of which Golden Age it refers to.  Innovation, progress, wealth, hope or in one word: Prosperity.  When I hear that phrase I see the height of Rome, men in togas bringing civilization to the world. But what is a Golden Age to someone whose prosperity is based on plunder?  What is a golden age to a pirate and more importantly, when?  Ubisoft answers that question with the very first words in its latest trailer for Assassins Creed 4. Continue reading Pirates of Dark Water

Krieg the Psycho Recap

As of the publishing this, the 6th playable character class for Borderlands 2 has been active for over a day. I’ve been tracking this guy since his teaser trailer, and immediately began making hypotheses regarding what his play style would be. Now that I’ve had a chance to rampage a bit around Pandora with him, lets take a look back at what we got right and what we got wrong: Continue reading Krieg the Psycho Recap