T.A.O. of Wolfenstein: The New Order

The first time I played a Wolfenstein game, it looked like this:

The last time I played a Wolfenstein game, it looked like this:

Now, in 2013, the year that wasn’t supposed to exist, we have a new trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order, and it looks like THIS:

Holy sweet sejenus!! At the very opening, with the close up of those rotors, this is either a high res cinematic for the release or Bethesda already looking to push the limits of these next gen consoles! The detail is so crisp, we can see the individual machining marks on the metal. With this much attention to detail, it should be a surprise the lighting effects off the metal is also superb.

Likewise for the next shot, the camera pans over what looks like a metal floor grating, with yellow-orange sparks flickering underneath. This combined with the light haze lingering, we get a sense of deep seclusion long forgotten or ignored.

A few more out of focus lens flares and we’ve got a drill bit coming down towards us. At 0:20, we hear the voice of the narrator, “While I was gone….they set the world on fire…”. As the voice speaks, we begin to see the outline of what ever the shape is that is to be milled out.

“It wasn’t a war anymore….It was a remaking.” We hear these words as the camera pans out over the Wolfenstein “W”. From these two lines, we can deduce a few things:

  1. Who ever this probable protagonist is, he’s been MIA for awhile. Long enough so that whoever “They” are were able to “set the world on fire.” Obviously, this is Wolfenstein, so it’s going to be Nazis.
  2. What ever happened, the end result was so extreme that it was reinforced by the 2nd statement of stating that it has gone beyond warfare and has transpired in to a “Remaking”. Great. Did Hitler achieve his goal in this fiction?
  3. Aside from the dimly lit, black/white/metal monochromatic-ness of the trailer thus far, the narrator’s tone of voice tells us that this will be a metaphorically dark game. He’s calm, deliberate, and a bit defiant.
  4. Given the calmness of his voice, I’m guessing the game will not be focused on carnage and rampage. there’s no huge explosions so far, no high-octane adrenaline pumping rock blasting in the background or big, brightly colored text slamming against the screen in pure awesomeness. Just a man who has waited this long to come back from the shadows.

At 0:33, the camera displays water under a night sky. The shadow of the London Bridge cast across by a bright distant light, with some kind of activity at the base of the left column.

Next, we see a white hot chunk of metal enter the screen. This one blade is then joined by four others and quenched in the previous pool of water.

“Some losses…are inevitable”. As the blades are plunged, we see a brief burst of light with the silhouette of adults with children. It seems to be some form of helmet on the adult, so I’m going to go with soldiers

In the next section of the production line, ammo rounds are being stamped out by pistons, with silhouettes of soldiers goose-stepping in formation. Being that this is a war game of sorts, there’s going to be a need for bullets and lots of them.

Then at 0:47, things start to get different. Still in the assembly hanger, we see a few robotic arms brace and hold an excessively smooth and polished piece of material. This piece of stock is then greeted with a precision welder that begins to etch a design in to its surface. The sparks generated light up the interior of the piece, and this time we’re greeted with a burning silhouette of The Statue of Liberty, followed by another major city, possibly NYC. Over this, we hear “Some…unthinkable!” This makes the suggestion that we’ll now be headed to America for this round of Nazi hunting.

At 0:54 the screen suddenly becomes drastically busier with an excessive amount of ammunition rotating in numerous revolving clips. These rounds are then tucked inward and stacked in an organized fashion. What ever is going to be using this rounds is preparing to use a lot of them in rapid succession!

Beginning at 0:59, we are shown the remainder of the automated manufacturing process. The camera pans out through an artistic set of gears, and the assembly of the machine becomes progressively more advanced. First the gears mesh in to place, then some wires are strung about. A few heavy manifolds are dropped in to place, and at 1:07, when the music changes, we begin to see the finished product as it is sealed up.

At 1:10 we hear “Now they built a new world” as the camera continues to zoom out.

Cue rain for dramatic effect, light up red ominous automaton eye.

As the narrator mentions “Armies of Steel and Thunder” at 1:16, we are given our first glimpse of what this army looks like: A cross between Sentinels from The Matrix, Terminators, the Cybermen from Dr. Who, and your standard MechWarriors.

Through the rain, we see a few lightning flashes light up the night sky, with Big Ben in the background adorned with a Nazi tapestry. Apparently in this alt-history tale, Hitler won and allowed his researchers to run wild with whatever technological advances they could dream up.

“They’ll rewrite history…but they forgot about me” are the final words spoken by our narrator. As the get our final glimpse of this world, we see the first human standing in the rain, armed with two double barreled shotguns. Not only is his stature dwarfed by these machines, but it looks like he’s drastically out gunned!

Flash the game title across a red-washed still shot, and pray that Jimmy Hendrix can help us find a way out of here.

So here’s what we know:

  1. It’s Wolfenstein, so we’ll be killing Nazi’s. Such a delightful and refreshing change of pace from the Muslim Terrorists and Zombies!
  2. The Nazi’s WON, and they laid the rest of world to waste.
  3. He’s been in hiding for a long time. Something has made him come out from cover.
  4. The Nazi’s continued to develop tech well beyond the standard pace of scientific progression.
  5. The protagonist seems pretty alone in his struggle. Not once did we see a reference to a partner, loved one, even a handy #2. Hell, even Blade had Whistler!
  6. On the point of being alone, It’s also noted that the protagonist was the ONLY human shown. All other human figures shown were shadows. Even through the entire manufacturing and assembling process for these mechs, not a single instance of human intervention. Is this significant? Maybe. If so, this is going to be a very lonely world.
  7. Our protagonist is a former badass. Not only does he state that they “forgot about me”, suggesting that he was a significant force back in the day,  but he’s also willing to go up against these mechs solo. Brave or suicidal, we’ll see how deep they want to take his psyche.
  8. He’s going to be middle-aged. We don’t know when he went in to hiding, so his initial age is unknown. But we do know that he DID go in to hiding, and it was for an extended period of time. Given the scale of destruction, it would be many years. Also, his voice is fairly rough to be younger than 30.
  9. Both London and NYC are shown, so expect these to be battlegrounds.
  10. The subtitle of the game is The New Order, so there’s going to be plenty of references to political indoctrination. As if having Nazis be the central theme to the plot wasn’t cause enough, we’ll throw it up in the title itself.

But here’s the quote that’s getting me: “They’ll rewrite history”. If I heard this correctly, this is spoken in the FUTURE tense, as they are in the process of doing it. It seems unlikely that we’ll be doing some time travel, but then again: who knows what the Nazi’s would have been capable of? It is true that the Nazi’s were involved in some heavy R&D during the war I’m not going to go in to all the suspected projects, but you may want to familiarize yourself with Operation Paperclip. Add to the fact that this is, of course, a work of Alternative History, and who knows what we could end up with.

What we don’t know is a release date or what platforms this will be released on. But until then, I suggest rounding up a team and start training. Because lets be real; you’ll be doing one thing and one thing only…..


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