Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: Brief Recap

Earlier today, I was able to complete the main questline in the 4th DLC for Borderlands 2, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. Ofcourse, this was done with a little help from my friends, but what game of Dungeons and, er, Bunkers and Badasses would be complete without friends? Looking back on this DLC, it was easily my favorite of the 4. Essentially, this DLC was an ode to all the RPG’s that I have played over the past 20+ years of gaming, and in all it’s glorious forms. Continue reading Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: Brief Recap


Xbox Announces TWC TV App

Earlier today, Xbox announced that they are finalizing a partnership with Time Warner Cable to allow Xbox Live Gold users to stream live TV through their Xbox 360s. For the full announcement, click here. Obviously, this is the next transitional step towards the ultimate goal of funneling everything through your console in preparation for the Xbox One. The quick breakdown is that if you have an Xbox Live Gold account and a Time Warner Cable subscription, you will then be able to download the app to steam TWC content through your console. Once that is set up, you can then interact with your TV streaming via Kinect as well. Again, this is a preparatory/transitional step to get people accustomed to interacting with their TV before the Xbox One rolls out later this year.

I see this as being the first partnership of all the major cable providers. Now that this has been announced, Verizon and Comcast will do the same, if they haven’t been in negotiations already. I also fully expect Satellite providers to follow suit, and well as Google Fiber.

As for the level of TWC subscriptions required, I immediately reached out to Major Nelson via Twitter from my personal account and received an update from TWC_Help:

BOOOOM!!!!! The Coffee and Cornchips Blog’s first exclusive!!!

And from the TWC_Help themselves, we see that you’ll need “At least our standard cable package”. Obviously, if you want to stream ANYTHING, TWC or otherwise, you’re going to need a High Speed connection to begin with. But as per this convo, to be able to use the app you’ll also need to at least subscribe to their bottom tier TV package. While not the optimal solution, it will be cheaper than the Digital subscription I currently have.

Chances are, this is simply the beginning. I’m sure there will be plenty more updates and new apps to come out prior to the Next-Gen’s release. In the meantime, we’ll just site back and rock a little more Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. I’ll be sure to post my first impressions of this soon!

T.A.O. of RYSE: Son of Rome

You’ve seen Gladiator and Spartacus, or perhaps stayed at “Caesar’s Palace” on the Las Vegas Strip,  even ran across it’s rooftops in Assassin’s Creed. Did you join the “Imperial” Legion in Skyrim, or aid Caesar in the Post-Apocalyptic dystopian “New Vegas” of Fallout? Through out history, the magnificence of the Roman Empire has romanced historians, movie goers, and gamers with it’s grandeur and inevitable fall. With the coming of the XBox One, Microsoft has announced a console exclusive, RYSE: Son of Rome. And now, the official trailer:

Continue reading T.A.O. of RYSE: Son of Rome

Xbox One-80

Xbox One-80

Incase you haven’t heard, the interwebs just exploded with news of Microsoft essentially doing everything that everyone has nerd-raged about over the past month or so. Essentially, the breakdown of the whole deal is that games will operate exactly as the currently do on the Xbox 360, and they completely abandoned the Online check-in.

The only downside to this would be that some of the legitimately cool features of the family sharing will now probably be lost, since in order to play a game the disc will have to be in the unit itself.

But alas, internet nerd rage has spoken, and the consumer receives what it demands!

Why I Am Still Going To Buy an Xbox One, Despite Internet Outrage

UPDATE: Xbox One Pulled a 180

Yesterday, I posted about the similarities and difference between the two main consoles. I kept it as objective as I could while acknowledging my subconscious bias. The post for today will be much different. As you can see by the title of this post, I am making my final intention clear. Very clear, in fact. As you can also tell from the title, I am fully aware of the level of rebellion that has overtaken the internet, be it in facebook, twitter, and the majority of other gamer news/blogs/sites. I have a general dislike for memes that contain an out of context pic with some under informed and obviously pandering one-liner in Impact font, regardless of topic, but that’s just me. You can also get a sense of defiance in the tone of the title, since I acknowledge that I am in the minority opinion but I go forth with my own will regardless. But what you do not get is the logic behind my decision, or the line of thought that brought me to this conclusion.  Continue reading Why I Am Still Going To Buy an Xbox One, Despite Internet Outrage

The Post 2013 E3 Console War Aftermath Recap, Abridged.

UPDATE: Xbox One Pulled a 180

If you follow gaming news, you follow E3. If you’ve followed E3 in any capacity, you should be well aware of the persistently raging “Console War” between Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. If you haven’t heard, just pop the name of either console in to any search engine and see what kind of news articles pop up. However, if you’re reading this little indie blog about the console war, chances are you’re fully aware of the battle going down and simply looking for some additional information that may or may not push you to one side of the fence or the other. If you dub yourself to be of the “PC Gaming Master Race“, you really don’t care which side comes out on top because you’ll continue on your own PC rig. But, if you’re looking for that one last opinion piece to give you the final push to one side, continue reading! Continue reading The Post 2013 E3 Console War Aftermath Recap, Abridged.

Game-Insider.com’s E3 wrap-up Podcast

Game-Insider.com’s E3 wrap-up Podcast

Posted today over at Game-Insider.com, a 2.5hr Podcast of what’s been going down at the E3 Convention, which wrapped up today. Take a listen at what these guys have seen and experienced in the past week at gaming’s biggest convention. They go over all the details that you’ll need to know about the next-gen consoles and a detailed look at a broad range of games and what they will be bringing to your tv!

Next week, I’ll be getting posting up a few “Aftermath” posts to recap all the action, and  also a few follow-up posts to trailers that have already been reviewed. 

Listen, enjoy, get your pre-orders in, and come back for the next series of posts!