1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls

Having some buds over for a game night? Feel like getting crafty in the kitchen?


T.A.O. of GTA V: Official Gameplay Video

First impressions after watching the video in its entirety:

  1. Unfortunately, definitely current gen for consoles.
  2. H-h…holy…..wow!
  3. I’m going to have to schedule more vacation days at the office for this.

Yes, the trailer makes the game look that good, even if it is on current gen. here, take a look for yourself:

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T.A.O. of Destiny: Gameplay Reveal trailer

On July 3rd, Bungie released a new Gameplay trailer for the forthcoming game Destiny. This trailer is mostly a cleaned up, more deliberate variant of the gameplay demo that was shown live at E3, and it was also released in HD. They order of players have been mixed up, and the main narrator takes a bit more time to describe what is happening on the screen. Still, there is plenty that isn’t described, so let’s a look at what was overlooked. First, the official gameplay trailer:

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How Educational Games Are Being Incorporated Into the Classroom

While this may not be my typical game/trailer review ,its still worth a read to discuss the cognitive impacts of gaming and how to implement gaming appropriately in an educational setting.

Ninety Nine Percent Gaming

It is a joy when kids pay attention to a topic in school, especially when it is out of pure interest; however, eagerness might not always be a child’s initial reaction to learning. In fact, many might prefer playing outdoors with friends.

To bring that same spirit of curiosity and fun into the classroom, teachers have started and should continue to incorporate educational games into their classroom’s daily agenda.

Teacher Classroom

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