Back For More! Did ya miss me?

Yes, I’m Back!!! While I have thoroughly enjoyed my time blogging about the latest gaming news and over analyzing game trailers, I’ve had to take care of some business in the past month.

Namely, getting MARRIED!

Yes, the rumors are true, I was able to find a lovely young woman some years ago who looked deep in to my eyes and thought (for whatever reason) “He’s the one for me”. As of 8/17/13, I am legally off the market for dating. May the gamer women of the internets forever lament…

For those of you who were unable to attend, here are a few pics from the day. For the sake of my wife’s privacy, I am not including any that show her. well, except one of her foot, but that’s it!

Groomsmen geek socks, and my wife! (Capt. America, Storm Troopers, Iron Man, “Bride”, Superman = ME, Darth Vader, Spiderman)
The photographer said, “Give me a ‘cool guy’ pose”
For whatever reason, my niece wanted me to hold the bouquet and strike this pose. And because I have no shame, I did.

That will be all for now. In other news, I’ve got some big plans in store for this blog. Once I get everything situated in my new life, write up the ~150 thank you cards, find room for all the new gifts, and get the details finalized with a new partner, you’ll soon be able to find some of my writing at an additional home.

Where will it be? Here’s a hint….


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