Borderlands 2 DLC updates and other info!

According to an article from Digital Trends, Borderlands is set to receive a few updates on September 3, 2013. Namely, 11 levels, “Overpower” ranking system, and new map. Also in the works are a trio of “head-hunter packs” and a “Game of the Year” Edition.

Inventory Uprgades

Along side the DLC, players will recieve a free-of-charge update to allow for more ammo, backpack slots and bank slots. The DLC itself is priced at $4.99 and is not part of the season pass.

Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2: Digistruct Peak Challenge

Firstly, the new DLC: In this new expansion, players will be introduced to a new area, “Digistruct Peak”. Here, Patricia Tannis (you know, “crazy brains”?) gives you the rundown of the area. Basically, it’s a Crimson Raider training course that is balanced for a full 4-player team. As you blast and rampage your way through the course, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter every enemy type in the game. Think of it as one of the arena maps, but rather than a specific enemy type you just take them all on!

Cranking it up to 11 (again)!

Once you’ve gotten your favorite Vault Hunter up to level 61, what else is there to do other than get them up to 72?

Overpower Levels

Another part of this DLC is the unlocking of “Overpower levels”. Once players reach level 72, they will begin to have the option to start adding “Overpower Levels”. What this will enable the players to combat stronger enemies and obtain stronger loot, up to level 80. However, even as you are able to collect higher level loot and battle stronger enemies, you won’t be gaining any additional skill points. So essentially, you will still be capped at level 72, but you can continue to get stronger weapons. The idea here is to keep the challenge going. Sure, you can now bring a level 78 Shotgun to the fight, but so are the bandits and you can’t keep adding to that last skill tree! Expect the challenge to get increasingly intense in the overpower levels!

Head Hunter Packs

Also announced is what will be the first of three (maybe more?) “Head Hunter Packs”, the first being “TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest”. TK Baha was a quest giver in Borderlands 1 and ate a lot of brains in  the DLC “Zombie Island of Dr. Ned“, and was only referenced in Borderlands 2, specifically in the side quest “Uncle Teddy“. As in Zombie Island, Bloody Harvest will be another Halloween Themed expansion.

However, these will not be as expansive as other DLC packs. As stated in the Digital Trends article: 

There’s no price yet, but we can confirm that these will cost less than previous story add-ons. The basic idea with these content packs is simple: defeat a boss, get that boss’s head added to your collection of wearable heads.

So for this pack, the main objective will be to go on a “fetch” quest and then defeat the “Pumpkin Patch Kingpin”, aka “Jacques O’Lantern”. Hooray puns!

GOTY Edition

As with any great game, Borderlands 2 will be given the Game of the Year treatment. It will include all the DLC Released to date. For more info, see the IGN article.

UPDATE: the release date for the GOTY will be October 8


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