C3 WiR(e) for 2013-11-25

Ranters! It is the week of November 25th, 2013. For Sports Rants Gaming, I am Anthony Rossi from the Coffee and Cornchips gaming blog with the C3 WiR(e), a week in review recap of the gaming world. This week’s headlines include:

  • Major League Gaming launches its own Sports Network
  • Xbox One won’t support Twitch TV Broadcasting until 2014
  • Microsoft confirms that their Kinect cannot see through your clothes
  • Next Gen is now officially “Current Gen”!

Let the gaming news begin!

Earlier this year, it was announced that players of the game “League of Legends” could now apply for “Athlete Visas” for Esports Competition, further legitimizing video gaming as a recognized sport. Last week, it was announced that Major League Gaming is officially launching their own sports network, MLG.TV! This is another huge step forward for eSports. MLG is currently working with partners such as OpTic Gaming and Gfinity, with hopes of adding more partners along the way. With development like this, it’s obvious the eSports are on the rise. How soon until we start to see eSports news getting a regular feature on major network news? That’s still in the distance, but I think it will follow a similar growth pattern to MMA, especially if big budget sponsors start getting in the mix.

Owners of the PS4 have already embraced the built in functionality of streaming to Twitch, an online video streaming site where players can live stream their gaming. This was going to be a feature on the Xbox One as well, buuut as the fates would have it, Microsoft is quite ready to roll that feature out yet, stating that it will have to be pushed back to 2014. This is an unfortunate setback, but I feel that this generation launch has had plenty already. Games getting pushed back, PS4s being dead on arrival, Xboxes making horrifying grinding noises like their eating your games. Ya know, this kind of stuff never happened during the days of Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo! You had a console, you jammed a cartridge in, and you played. No patches, no DLC, just Mario and his magical mushroom!

In a world where everyone has become hyper sensitive to anything security or privacy related, Microsoft released a statement that No, their Kinect 2.0 cannot see through your clothes… Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? Granted, the Kinect can do amazing things and it’s resolution is top notch, I’m fairly certain that they didn’t put in super-duper “X-Ray Vision” in the component specs. And even if they did, WHICH THEY DIDN’T, BECAUSE THAT SHIT IS A FORM OF RADIATION AND IT CAN KILL YOU, have you seen X-Ray pictures? It’s all bone density and a ghostly outline. But hey, if Kinect wants to check out my figure as I’m pushing down another double decker taco while rocking out to Assassin’s Creed, heh, you have been warned!

And this brings us to the biggest news of the year, WELCOME TO NEXT GEN GAMING! Last week, Xbox One was released and before that was the PS4. Now that both systems are on the open market, we can officially update our lexicon. Current Gen Consoles are now Xbox One and Playstation 4! Congratulations to both Sony and Microsoft on their launches. I may be a techie, but I can’t even imagine how much work must go in to designing, marketing, manufacturing, and distributing such a highly visible product. Every inch of these machines have been brutally scrutinized. Sometimes with praise, sometimes with malice. Either way, we are all happy that the day is finally here. Happy gaming everyone! Go stab some Templars, slash some zombies, or play as your favorite athletes in more detail than is probably morally appropriate.


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