Possible Future Location of Assassin’s Creed hinted in Twitter Q and A?

As stated in my previous post, there was a particular piece of info recovered from a terminal at Abstergo during the course of your hacking escapades that I took particular interest in. This piece, in a form and style all too familiar to those who work in an office environment, is an email thread that got a little to personal and emphatic to the point where it had to be taken “offline” and focused on possible locations for future Assassin Creed games. Being the clue and conspiracy monger that I am, I had often wondered this myself.
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Assassin’s Creed 4 – Impressions at 50% Syncronization

Back again with Ubisoft’s dip in to the Pirate’s life with an update on game progression and breakdown! As of this post, I am currently at ~50% Synchronization. So far, Assassin’ Creed 4 has been nothing short of amazing and I’m sure will continue to keep me entertained for many more hours, or at least until Watch_Dogs is finally released! But, giving just sweeping generalizations isn’t my style, so lets get in to it, shall we? I’ll keep the spoilers to a minimum.
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C3 WiR(e) – 2013-12-16

Ranters! It is the week of December 16th, 2013. For Sports Rants Gaming, I am Anthony Rossi from the Coffee and Cornchips gaming blog with the C3 WiR(e), a week in review recap of the gaming world. This week’s headlines include:

  • Telltales games to produce 2 new episodic adventures: Tales from the Borderlands and Game Of Thrones
  • Halo: Spartan Assault to hit XB1 on Dec. 24th
  • Sony files a patent that looks like a new Move controller
  • Elder Scrolls online gets a release date
  • Thief announces difficulty settings and a companion app
  • We have the first unofficial unboxing vid for a Steam Machine Prototype
  • Documents are leaked that confirm the development of Fallout 4

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Videogames publishers are okay to let YouTube users uploading footage of their titles

Good to know the publishers support the scene!


Gaming publishers are making official statements to explain to the gaming community posting gameplay videos on YouTube that they are not at the origin of content flagged. It is the Content ID system used by the video-platform that detect automatically copyright content.

“If you’re a YouTuber and are receiving content matches with the new changes, please be sure to contest them so we can quickly approve them,” tweeted Blizzard, publisher of the Diablo series.

Capcom wrote: “YouTubers: Pls let us know if you’ve had videos flagged today. These may be illegitimate flags not instigated by us. We are investigating.”

“If you happen to be hit with claims on any of your Ubisoft content, it may be that some of the audio is being auto-matched against the music catalogue on our digital stores,” the company explained in a statement.

However the question is, should the uploader be able to monetize the…

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Fallout 4 Info leaked, to be set in Boston

So as anyone who’s been following any gaming blog or other news feed and is a fan of the Fallout Frachise knows, the Survivor2299 site has been admitted to being an, albeit elaborate and extremely convincing, hoax. This saddens me, no matter how much I knew, myself, that it just didn’t fit the typical method for an official teaser. Still, I allowed myself to hope, and I dared to believe. Alas, the site creator has admitted such is the case, the countdown and it’s date have come and gone, and we have no new news on the Fallout front. Such is life.

Or at least, it was until this morning……
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Fallout 4 Info Leaked!


Some pretty exciting news coming out of Kotaku! Expect a more in depth post later tonight touching on what else I can infer from this article and what I hope and expect to see.

War. War never changes, but the console that I play Fallout on will!

National Day of Action – Stop This Madness

A few years back I had a brief run in the local music scene as a promoter/MC. I had the opportunity to work with artists and musicians from across the state and host some wild gigs!
The above video is by one such artist, Jeremy Dudley, or “Origin”. He is a teacher, a father, and a very talented hip-hop artist. His song, “Stop This Madness” is directed toward the mess that our current education system is in.
Enjoy the video, and visit the sites listed at the end for more of his music.