C3 WiR(e) – 2013-12-09

Ranters! It is the week of December 9th, 2013. For Sports Rants Gaming, I am Anthony Rossi from the Coffee and Cornchips gaming blog with the C3 WiR(e), a week in review recap of the gaming world. This week’s headlines include:

  • Bethesda releases a Character Progression video for Elder Scrolls Online
  • Need For Speed: Rivals to make full use of a 2nd Screen
  • Assassin’s Creed 4’s 1st campaign DLC gets a release date
  • We’ve got some gamer movie news
  • Bungie announces a release date for Destiny
  • In case you missed it, the Spike TV Video Game Awards aired over the weekend

We’ve got a lot of headlines to get through! Let the gaming news begin!

Bethesda has recently released a new video describing how players will be able to advance their characters in the upcoming MMO: Elder Scrolls Online. Within the 5min video, we learn that players will be using an experience points based system to increase your level and skills. Unlike Skyrim, players will be selecting a specific class to play. Each class will have a set of 3 class specific skills, but after that it opens up to what are referred to as “General Skills” that everyone will have access to. Also, these skills will later gain the ability to “Morph”, which is to evolve your skills to add extra effects to them, similar to the process in Mass Effect. Head over to Elderscrollsonline.com for more info on what’s to come.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the new consoles making use of a 2nd screen, be it either the PS Vita or through the Xbox Smartglass app, but Need For Speed: Rivals seems to be the first to really integrate it. Through your 2nd screen device, you can check up on your stats, turn on a Navigator mode, or even help or hinder your friends mid race through “Overwatch” Mode.  You can repair their car, refill their Nitrous, or deploy road blocks or choppers. Sounds like a lot of fun, until I think about what my friends would do if I were in a race. Crap….

The earlier reported DLC for Assassin’s Creed 4 has a release date of December 17th. Freedom Cry is touted as 4hr campaign expansion, where players will be able to play as Adwale, Kenway’s shipmate and learn a bit about his backstory. I’ve been playing AC 4 since it’s release on the Xbox One, and so far it’s been damn good! More of a Pirate game than an Assassin’s Creed, but there’s still plenty of mystery and conspiracy to be found, should you take the time to look for it..

At the Movies, we’ve got 2 bits of news. First: we’ve got a new trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire. For the most part, this looks like more of all the stuff that made 300 AWESOME! If you thought it was a little too over the top and had too much glorious awesomeness, then we are no longer friends and I pity your boring life. Also, the World Of Warcraft movie now has a list of actors, including Ben Foster, Paula Patton, Toby Kebbell, and Dominic Cooper. Estimated release date for the movie is March of 2016

We have an official launch date for Destiny! September 9th, 2014, players across all consoles will be able to take up arms as a Guardian to defend Humanity! If you STILL haven’t checked out Destiny yet, get your head out of your ass and consider this: It’s from the original creators of Halo, who have teamed with the Activision crew that brought Call of Duty, and has a skill tree system akin to Diablo and Borderlands. Yes, this is going to be huge!

Over the weekend, Spike TV streamed their annual Video Game Awards, VGX. All sorts of awards were given out, new content was revealed, and there was even a super awkward interview with one of the performers. There are way to many awards to list in this segment, but I will mention that GTA V won Game Of The Year. Congrats Rockstar!


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