Ryse: Son of Rome Review (and why every game doesn’t need to be an Epic)

Back in June of 2013, I did a T.A.O. post on the trailer for Ryse: Son of Rome after seeing the latest trailer from E3. There’s no doubt that the game looked quite impressive visually, and promised more than just a little bit of gore. As the months ground on up to the game’s release, previews of the game were less than optimistic. The most common adjective used to described the game was “Repetitive”, which for someone like me who enjoys seeing the depth that writers and developers can achieve, didn’t bode well. I live for experimentation with abstract ideas and to question my own subconscious. Something as flat as a button masher evokes absolutely no emotional response from me. But alas, Rome is totally awesome and there’s no way that I’m going to allow something like “Gladiator: The Video Game” pass me by!
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Assassin’s Creed 4 Gameplay Clips

Romping around the West Indies, I decided to take advantage of my new Xbox One’s Game DVR and record some clips as I progressed through the game. What we have here is a handful of sweet looking assassinations, a few beautiful sync cinematics, and an example of each of the hacking mini-games.

If you haven’t read them yet, I’ve got a few posts already discussing my progress through the game, along with some musings on where the next title will take place!

Enjoy the vid, and Respect The Game!

Assassin’s Creed 4: Post Campaign Predictions

Uncovering conspiracies is all about finding information that isn’t supposed to be seen. Making predictions is about taking what is known, analyzing it, and through some method, extrapolating that information into a possible, yet non-immediately verifiable, form. Both practices require a discriminating eye, one that can cast aside irrelevant data while focusing on key points, and being able to tell the difference between the two. For the truly exceptional conspiracies to be uncovered, one must be able to identify information points that on the surface appear to be irrelevant, but when taken in whole with other bits form a full picture. This, is how I hope to make my bold predictions for the location for the next Assassin’s Creed.
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Assassin’s Creed 4: Story Mode Completed!

MAIN CAMPAIGN COMPLETED!!! Unfortunately, I do not believe I’ll be getting a full 100% Sync for the game, as I have no intention of winning the required amount of Reals at the bar games, nor do I have any interest in raising my blood pressure to cautionary levels due to the frustration from completing the optional memory objectives like “Stay Out Of Combat” or “Use this totally non-lethal item and inefficient tool 30 times”, nor am I going to hunt down all of the treasure map locations. I’ve done quite a bit already, and I’ve achieved a 92% sync, which isn’t too shabby. But enough about my laziness, ON TO THE REVIEW!

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