Trailers, Trailers And More!

The Superbowl was this weekend which is an exciting time for three types of people: Football enthusiast who may or may not have had their team make the game, Non-football enthusiast who could care less about the game but are super pumped for the awesome, hilarious, or inspiring commercials during the game, or (like me) the avid movie watcher who get a massive amount of ants in their pants to see exclusive trailers to upcoming movies.

This year we saw four trailers stood out to me (only because that is what I remember and cared to watch) and I want to take a moment looking at each, analyzing what we were shown, and my predictions for the movie.

Need For Speed

When first seeing this trailer I said to myself “Oh wow Jessie Pinkman gave up meth production and has joined an even more dangerous past time”.
As an avid gamer I am always skeptical about video game to movie adaptations due to the terrible track record the movie industry has (I.E. Doom, Super Mario Bros, Dead or Alive, Tekken, and Alone in the Dark) though in their defense some movies have done fairly well, I mean look at the Resident Evil series. Yes, they in no way correlate with the game and sometimes they just throw in characters for the sake of keeping some aspect of the game in the movie, but over the years they have developed into entertaining movies. Or even Silent Hill (not Revelations, I don’t know where they were going with that one) which did a good job sticking true to the creepiness of the first game while adding new characters and backstories to a game that literally just drops you in the middle of nowhere and scares you to the point of tears the entire game (seriously I freaked out because there was an empty chair in a room and no one was sitting in it).

But I digress, Need for Speed looks like it has hope as it takes the core aspects of the game and makes a movie about, which is street racing in some frickin’ sweet cars.
In the trailer we see Tobey Marshall (Aka Jessie Pinkman or Aaron Paul which is his real name) who is a famed driver, apparently the best according to his friend who brags about it, and so famed that Johnny Law wanted to stop his shenanigans. In a cliché plot twist, he is set up by his wealthy partner Dino Brewster (played by Dominic Cooper) and now is out for revenge, but instead of beating him or killing him, he intends on defeating him in a cross country race called De Leon. Seems pretty simple, oh wait! Dominic puts a bounty on his head, which is what makes the movie interesting. But Tobey can do it! He gets some blonde bombshell love interest and even has his black sidekick Benny (played by hip hop artist Kid Cudi aka Scott Mescudi) who gets him out of some hairy situations like driving off a cliff with attaching cables to a helicopter flying above.

The Good– This movie looks INTENSE. A lot of action, a gripping story line that gets the watcher emotionally involved in the story, and some awesome exotic cars that if you are not into cars already, you will be. I am excited to see Aaron Paul play someone other than an uneducated meth junkie and Kid Cudi play a role that’s last longer than 10 minutes.

The Bad– The trailer is far too intense which makes me fear that those are at least 70% of the best parts of the movie, which most trailers do today. The story line format has been done before, like in most revenge flicks, and they may steer away from what the games are about and the title of the movie will be a name and that’s it.

My Prediction– I think gamers, car enthusiast, and Breaking Bad fans will be a large percentage of ticket buyers, which though large, will not be sufficient enough for the $66 Million budget, thus it will FLOP.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Let me disclaim first with that I am a DC fan and feel that Marvel is oversaturating the market with superhero movies just to build up to three Avengers movies, but I am looking forward to this movie.

The Cap is Back and much like the ending of the first movie, still adjusting to this futuristic world we call the present where phones do everything but make phone calls and jetpacks for general public still don’t exist (Seriously NASA, where’s my jetpack?).

The movie takes place 2 years after the Avengers and is now pitted against a Soviet agent called the Winter Soldier (who happens to look like the Bionic Commando). “So what? It’s Captain America he’s America’s hero who can do anything, what makes this Cold War Warrior so threatening” you may ask. Well (based on the trailer) the Winter Soldier is basically Captain America’s equal AND HE HAS A METAL ARM! In the trailer Captain America throws his famed shield, which at this point no one can deflect, duck, or dodge, at the Winter Soldier, who not only catches it, but throws it back at Captain! Talk about awkward.

So how do you stop a soldier who I just like you and just took down S.H.I.E.L.D?! Well according to Captain America, you grab Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) and you find this psycho.

The Good– I will admit I am interested to see Steve Rodger’s progress in assimilating into modern times. He seemed to have gained respect around S.H.I.E.L.D and even has a pretty sweet new costume that looks less like a bad spandex suit and more tactical. Also the Winter Soldier looks so awesome and a real match for Captain America

The Bad– It looks like the Winter Soldier is WAY too powerful and I’m afraid their final showdown won’t involve Captain America finding his inner strength to beat The Winter Soldier, but rather beat him through some weird weakness that he discovers last minute.

My Prediction– This will be better than the 1st movie and since he’s all about America and people love superhero movies this will do well in the box office. And if they don’t reveal that he is really Bucky (which they have already hinted to in previous movies) fan boys will riot. So overall this will POP in theaters.

The Amazing Spiderman 2

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is back and has seemed to piss off a few more people than last time with his witty banter and habit for sticking his nose in those innocent criminals’ business.

This one picks up shortly after the last, Spidey is a hero around the city (who wouldn’t appreciate you saving the city from a crazed lizard man) and while on a routine bad guy stop (who happened to be Aleksei Sytsevich and I guess gets so pissed off he becomes the Rhino (great job Peter)) he happened to save Max Dillon and even acknowledges him as his “eyes and ears”. Max, being a lonely loser, was ecstatic to be known by a celebrity, but after an accident which gives him the power to feed off of and emit electricity (Electro), he throws a little bit of a tantrum when Spiderman takes a second to remember his name (that jerk). So that’s one problem, another one potentially coming, BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Peter meets the prodigal son of Norman Osborne, Harry, and this kid has some plans. Aside from creating his on one manned power glider equip with enough weapons to take on the army alone, he also has tons of other toys for other people (The Vulture, Doctor Octopus, none of which are slated to make an appearance in this movie). So that’s three baddies now on the loose in New York City, all of which who would like to the spider no longer climb up the water spout. If that wasn’t enough for Spiderman, Peter Parker is trying to maintain a relationship with his girlfriend Gwen Stacey. Boy oh boy this is quite the sticky situation, how is he going to get himself out of this one?

The Good– The reboot of this franchise has done well. They have gotten down the gritty reality about being a superhero (Peter coming home with a bruises and cuts after a night of crime fighting) and eliminating the campy feeling that the previous trilogy gave. They are also doing a good job introducing the Sinister Six very well while still leaving room for some larger characters to debut and hinting towards future villains (PS Alistair Smythe is said to make an appearance and if you don’t know the history, He is the creator of the Spider Slayer robots (Think X-Men’s Sentinels)).

The Bad– Three villains seems a bit much for a movie to give each one enough focus to develop. This also looks vaguly familiar to the third Spiderman from the Sam Rami era which inevitably led to the failure of the series. Let’s hope they learned from their mistakes.

My Prediction– As it is being released in May, which traditionally is a great time for superhero movies to be released, and it’s past success, I think this movie will POP. Only thing that will send fan boys into a nerd rage is if Gwen Stacey’s fate doesn’t go down the road it has been led to and rightfully should.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

HOLY CRAP I AM EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE! So we have a new trilogy which means things have to change, we need to have a baseline of the original three movies but make them better, so what have they done? First since he apparently retired (rightfully so) ShIa LaBeouf has been replaced with Mark Whalberg, terrible acting for meh acting. Secondly, Megatron is no more, kinda. I mean he’s been either killed or beat to near robot death in all three movies, but somehow this menace keeps coming back. Well in this movie Megatron is no more but instead, with what I can only assume is the assistance of Unicron, Megatron is Galvatron, which we assume is the robot who decimates Optimus again (yes he dies again).  And lastly, and more importantly, two words….Dino…Bots! Yes they are finally introducing a new generation of transformers in this movie.  So far Grimlock and an unidentified transformer have been confirmed and seen in the trailer, but we can expect more.  No real plot has been released so far except that Mark Whalberg and some girl ( played by Nicole Peltz but who cares because she will be replaced in the next movie anyways) make a discovery that get the attention of the Autobots, Decepticons, and the government. So since there is no plot here is my assumption based on the trailer:

“Cade (Mark Whalberg) finds some weird alien artifact which sends out some notification to the Autobots and Decepticons that is has been activated. The Autobots find him and are like “Dude come with us, we’ll keep you safe because those Decepticons are gonna just murder you and take it” and Cade is like “Cool Beans, can I bring my girlfriend Tessa?” So now the Autobots are trying to protect Cade from these Decepticons and during a battle on some road  in the middle of nowhere, a huge ship comes down (Unicron) and let’s one transformer off , which we think is Megatron but is really Galvatron. Optimus is like “Dude what the crap I Killed you like 3 times, turn off your God Mode Hack” and Galvatron shoots Optimus through the chest with his face cannon.  Optimus is dead (again) but is brought back to life (again) and he’s like “Dude that n00b is a hacker we need some help” and someone is like “hey I heard a legend about some other transformers that exceptionally more powerful than all of us and coincidently I failed to mention it until this moment” and Optimus is like “LOLOK” so they go to China (because I guess that’s where everything powerful is in the world) and they find Grimlock and some other Dinobots who are like “Do you even transform Bro?” and they massacre Galvatron and Unicron and save the day. “

That is my basic assumption about the plot. Let’s see how it actually matches up as the release gets closer and more information is released.


The Bad– How many times are we going to see Megatron and Optimus die and come back to life? They’ve killed so many other cool Transformers and not brought them back. Also based on the trailer the acting in this movie will most likely be TERRRRIBLE. So let’s ignore it and focus on the robot rumble at hand.

My Prediction– Better than Rise of the Fallen, a little bit better than Dark of the Moon, not nearly as good as the 1st movie. But overall this movie will POP.


If you agree, disagree, or have new information to add, feel free to leave a comment.


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