T.A.O. of Child of Light

It’s been awhile now since Child of Light was first announced by Ubisoft, and recently we received some fantastic news and a couple of new trailers! A good amount is already known for this game, such as the protagonist and her little orb companion, the beautiful water colors, and the side-scrolling format. For this purpose of this post, we’ll be doing a quick breakdown the “Feature Trailer – Child Of Light”.

So let’s begin! At about 0:19, we see Aurora flying around (as I suspect will be the majority of the game) a Halloween-esque tree that’s been adorned with hanging cages and…jack-o-lantern heads? Regardless, the purpose for her flight is to escape from the ghostly figure in pursuit. Thankfully, her trusty orb is close by, but not doing much at the moment.


In the next few sequences, we see more of Aurora flying gracefully around various environments. In the setting pictured below, we have a mountain side environment with a waterfall and plenty of exposed roots. Notice the glowing plant to the upper right of the screen. There does not seem to be a direct route to obtain the item. In a previous video, we learn that our orb buddy, Igniculus, has the ability to seek out hidden passages and secrets for us. This is probably one instance where our little buddy would be useful.

Such a lovely silhouette

As we explore different maps, we see that there will be more than just enemies to deal with. In this screen shot, we see several spikes thrusting their way out of ports in the walls and ceilings. While this screen shot does not look too complicated, I’m sure the difficulty will increase in later stages of the game!

Because what Gothic Mansion is complete without death spikes coming from your ceilings?

As we see a few additional fight sequences, we see a wide variety of environments, spell types, and companions! Some ranging from “Ok, that’s (insert stardard fantasy lore race)” while others are “What the !?!?!” In case it went by a little quick, below is a quick collage of the companions shown:

Quite the range of buddies we’ll be battling the forces of darkness with!

Given the wild diversity of the costumes, appearance, and size of each of these companions, they are sure to have their own abilities, styles, and specialties. Also noted is that there is only one companion shown at each time, and each companion is shown with a corresponding environment. I’m guessing that we’ll have a single companion for each phase of the game, to help us in specific missions.

Aside from the beautiful backdrops and interactive environments, at 0:43 it would appear that the scale of the other characters is nothing to be taken lightly! This interaction is quite breif in the trialer, so it is not clear as to whether this rock face is a  friend or foe.

“They look like big strong hands, don’t they…”

Moving along, we begin to see a few claims of what the game will have to offer. The first of which will be the excessive amount of crafting that will become possible! From the next two screens, we learn a few things:

  1. Hidden throughout the levels will be chests, and inside these chests is where we will find gems.
  2. Once we have a collection of gems, we can then use them to craft other, I assume more powerful, gems
  3. Different species of gems are denoted by their color
  4. Judging by their appearances, these gems come in varying grades
  5. In a subscreen, we are able to combine up to three gems
  6. Towards the bottom right, we see the resulting attributes associated with the newly crafted gem type. There are 3 fields, a Sword (Attack?), a Shield (Defense?), and a Stopwatch (ummm…Action Speed? Casting Speed?)
  7. Red (Ruby?), Green (Emerald?), and Blue (Sapphire?) yields a Diamond, which in turn gives you +6 Attack Speed. YOU’RE WELCOME!
Better keep a notebook handy
Horadric Cube, anyone?

Another ominous environment, another devious contraption. In this case, Igniculus is able to initiate the gears, which begin turning. Unfortunately, we are unable to see what the purpose of this exercise is.

Just another cog in the machine

After we are welcomed to Explore the world of Lemuria and we apparently open a gate to a big beasty swinging a morning star, we are next told that there will be 200+ skills to unlock! In the following screen shots, we get a look at the skill tree, which seems quite extensive. Also, we see that not only does Aurora get a skill tree, but her companions, in this case Oengus, have their own skill trees. As seen in both screens, each of the tiles have their own emblem or symbol on them to let you know what kind of attribute or skill it will provide. Also noticed is that some of the tiles have a set a stars above their symbol. Some have 2, others 3. This is probably levels within that given skill or attribute.

That’s a whole lot of skills to unlock!
Well, we now know HIS name!

For the remainder of the trailer, we see a few more environments and abilities that can be utilized. At 1:22, we see Igniculus temporarily blind an enemy allowing Aurora to pass by and by-pass the combat phase. The advantage of avoiding battle is plenty obvious, but I’m an old school gamer: More combat = more enemies defeated = more XP! A few more scenes, another puzzle solved, and it’s off to the logo splashes.

Child of Light is set to be a wonderful game, as every gaming news outlet that has had a chance to play it seem to all say that it is an absolute delight for JRPG fans. Set to be released on all consoles and PC on April 30th, it will be available at the budget friendly price point of $15.00.

One last thing before I call this post completed: In the original Announcement Trailer, it was mentioned a few times that a “Player Two” could control Igniculus and help out with the quest. This is fantastic, as you’ll be able to rope in a friend who may not be quite at the level of gaming that you are, but still play a fantasy game cooperatively. For more information on that, here’s the announced trailer, which also gives a bit more information on the nuances of the combat system!


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