C3 WiR(e) – 2014-02-10

Ranters! It is the week of February 10th, 2014. For SportsRants Gaming, I am Anthony Rossi from the Coffee and Cornchips gaming blog with the C3 WiR(e), a week in review recap of the gaming world. This week’s headlines include:

  • Watch_Dogs gives fans a scare
  • Nevermind to increase it’s difficulty with your heart rate
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect to come to both Xbox One and PS4
  • Ouya to receive an “Achievement System”
  • New Sonic game coming to the Wii U and 3DS
  • Assassin’s Creed DLC Freedom Cry to be available as a Stand Alone game
  • UbiSoft’s Child of Light gets a release date

Let the Gaming News Begin!

Last week, some startling news rose from deep within the internet: Ubisoft had filed an abandonment of 6 trademark applications for the highly anticipated (and unfortunately delayed) game “Watch_Dogs”. The rumor mill had been in full swing as to reasons for this delay already, but this began to build some confirmation for those fears. Luckily for us, as the days passed we promptly received news that not only was Ubisoft working to reinstate those trademarks, but also that the whole situation was created by a prankster, and in no way will affect the development of the game. While this is a pretty crappy thing to do, I can’t help but to see the poetic irony of a hacker disrupting the progress for a game about hacking.

Nevermind tracks your heart rate
Awhile back, I wrote a piece on Bio-Feedback in gaming and how it may be implemented. Recently, a game called “Nevermind” is beginning to integrate this concept. For now, they are using a Garmin Cardio Chest Strap and linking it via Bluetooth to a laptop to play the game. As the player becomes more stressed or scared, the environment changes thus increasing the difficulty. Once the player calms down, the environment returns to normal. For more information, head over to NevermindGame.com and see the test video.

Murdered: Soul Suspect
Murdered: Soul Suspect is a supernatural caper where the player tries to solve their own murder. Originally, it was announced that the game will be coming to Xbox One and PC. In an article from Gamespot, it was confirmed that the game will also be coming to PS4 as well.

Ouya to receive “Achievement System”
In a blog post by Ouya, it was announced that a few updates were coming to the system. Many of these updates are performance based, but as the Noobfeed post points out, a major update to come is the integration of an Achievements system. While this is minor is the scope of functionality and stability of the system, it is still something that we gamers typically like to have. Damn our egos!

New Sonic game 
Over the past week, there had been some scuttle about the possibility of a new Sonic the Hedgehog game coming out in 2015, specifically for the Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately, these rumors are false since Sega is still in a deal with Nintendo for 3 platform exclusive games. We will, however, be treated with a new Sonic game for the Wii U and 3DS call “Sonic Boom” where Sonic and his friends explore a whole new world. Just like every other sonic game.

Freedom Cry as a Stand Alone 
In the first of two news bits to come out of Ubisoft, it was announced that the Freedom Cry DLC for Assassin’s Creed 4 will be released as a stand-alone. The should work nicely as an introduction to those still unfamiliar with the Assassin’s Creed lore and mechanics, since it still takes place within the same world as AC4, but has no influence on the main campaign storyline. Adwale’s adventure will be available for PS3 and 4 on February 18th, and on PC on February 25th for the introductory price of $14.99.

Child of Light 
The JRPG Sidescroller from Ubisoft will be released to the world on April 30thI had first mentioned this game in November of 2013, and the latest trailers look just as impressive. There will be plenty of crafting, exploring, and even a little 2 player action in this watercolored work of gaming art. The game will be available for download on all consoles and PC for $14.99

And that’s all for the C3 WiR(e)! For more of my gaming commentary, head over to my blog at www.coffeeandcornchips.wordpress.com , follow me on Twitter @C3Blog, or “Like” me on facebook at FaceBook.com/CoffeeandCornchips. For SportsRants Gaming, I’m Hyp3rSint4x.

Respect the Game!


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