Dying Light becomes darker with its new “Humanity” trailer

Back in June of 2013, I did a TAO review of Dying Light’s “Run Boy Run” trailer. The basic gist from that trailer was that we were going to be getting a new Zombie survival game on next gen that was going to have plenty of parkour, was going to take place in an abandoned resort town, and we would be competing against other humans for survival. We’ve been given an additional gameplay trailer, that demonstrated a few more of the mechanics in depth, and that it’s definitely more of a survival game rather than a co-op or multiplayer competition. Still, not much has come out about the game in regards to actual storyline or purpose.

Today, Techland released a new trailer that gives some new light in to the situation of the crisis:

This time around, the trailer is much less action based. In fact, the only real action we see is that of the zombies, and there’s plenty of them. No, rather than packing the trailer full of awesome parkour, rocking a zombie’s face with a giant red wrench, or getting chased down by a sprinter zombie with and exposed skeletal structure and split mandibles, we are given a more empathetic view of the situation. Now, rather than crashing through hoardes of zombies and splattering blood everywhere, I am more reminded of the 28 Days Later film. We are reminded that these were all once people, with normal lives and jobs and families. All that is gone now, and we have to fight not only them but each other to survive.

Depending on the depth of the story line, I expect to see a certain level of “holding on to my own humanity” to be a central theme. This is particularly reinforced at the very end of the trailer when the narrator says:

What happens when all that was good in us is gone? What would that monster look like?

The most chilling thing about that statement is that as it is spoken, the camera is panning away from a child playing hop-scotch, allowing in to the field of vision the sight of a man holding a knife, both man and knife covered in blood splatters. The most innocent of activities, a child playing a simple game by themselves, juxtaposed with the most vicious of images, a man with bloodied clothes and weapon, set to the most ominous of music. CHILLS!

This game already had my attention with its robust free-running mechanics and possible crafting system. Now that I see that it will have a darker, more “psycho-thriller” aspect makes me even more anxious!

The release is set to simply 2014 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC.


3 thoughts on “Dying Light becomes darker with its new “Humanity” trailer”

  1. If there are two things I love in this world, it’s zombies and parkour. I’m glad somebody is taking the initiative to combine them.

    1. The parlour is looking pretty intense. I recently started playing Mirrors Edge ($5 off XBLA during an EA publisher sale. SCORE!) and the movement in these trailers are very reminiscent of it. Hopefully the combat is better, because in Mirror’s Edge if you don’t counter on the first try you’re basically screwed.

      1. Yeah with Mirror’s edge the combat was definitely secondary. There’s actually an achievement for completing the entire game without using a weapon, but I want brutal and fluid combat for my zombie slaying.

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