Movie Review- The Lego Movie

As a child of the 90s, Legos were always an essential toy, which made using them in middle school technology classes all the more cooler (TOYS CAN BE USED TO LEARN?! WHAT?!!).
Legos never really died, it is an eternal toy so it wasn’t much of a surprise when it made its way into mainstream society with their Bionicle series becoming its own movie series which lead to their more popular movie series of Star Wars and superheroes. This brought then brought about the question, which most men, after a few drinks, ask about any toy they played with when they were kids, “Dude when are they gonna make a Lego big screen movie. That would rule!” Well you consider your incoherent wishes granted, they Lego Movie has arrived and it is nothing that you expected (which is more good than bad).

I had no idea what to expect but the trailer alone assured animated chaos and hilarity, which keeps any kid looking at a screen now a days.

The story is like any other kids movie, Emmet is a normal every day construction worker who ONLY FOLLOWS THE DIRECTIONS AND RULES….so many us avid movie goers can assume what the movie is about….still no idea? He learns to NOT FOLLOW THE RULES! He has some kind of acid induced hallucination and ends up with a red object “stuck to his back” which is eventually identified as “The Piece of Resistance” which is only way to prevent Lord Business/President Business from freezing the world with his weapon of mass destruction he calls “The KRAGLE”. Emmet is then “good guy kidnapped” by Wyldstyle/Lucy who then takes him to Vitruvius, or Black God, who tells him he’s part of an elite race of people called “Master Builders” but he is the special one out of all of them. Master builders can build anything from their imagination with Legos (much like us humans when we get bored with the instructions for our Legos and realize this house would look a lot better if it had a claw coming out the top and laser guns instead of bushes).  The movie waste no time to introduce a cheesy yet addictively catchy tune “Everything Is Awesome” then pure Lego action after. The comedy within the movie is great; silliness for the children and innuendos for the adults. The best part thing about the movie is when you realize the secret of the Kragle and its connection to the Piece of Resistance, which inevitably will confuse you with the M. Knight Shyamalan style plot twist in the later half of the movie (for those who saw the movie you know what I mean). The attempt had good intentions but its execution was abrupt and almost seemed like an afterthought.   But overall the movie is chock full of hilarious puns (most of them coming from Lego Batman) and just when you get consumed within the characters, the creators do something that reminds you again that this is all about Legos.

I would also recommend you all to check out the casting list of the movie, the actors who voiced characters with a total of 15 seconds of screen time is insane.

Also if you don’t want to pay for to see this in theaters go see the K’Nex movie which is already on Netflix (not really).


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