Xbox One is coming to China, and it is bigger news than you may expect!

From: Business Insider


Today it was announced that Xbox One will be the first console to be LEGALLY sold in the newly ban-lifted Chinese market. Since this console ban has been lifted, there has been plenty of buzz about what the new market would have to offer to the gaming industry. Below is the announcement vid from Microsoft:

So we can go on and make predictions and speculation based on gaming trends, the local culture, and projected sales, but here’s a point I’m willing to be some people are neglecting:

Project Economic Growth of China as compared to USA

China is poised to be the largest economy in the WORLD by the end of the year. Yes, THE WORLD. This means, that at the same time that the Dragon over takes the Eagle, the Xbox One will be newly introduced to a population of about 1.35 Billion.

Obviously, Sony will make their way in to the market later, but the idea remains: what will become the future of gaming on the global field? What kind of economic sway will gaming companies suddenly have access to when their products become available to a MASSIVE and financially capable population?

These answers and more, I certainly don’t have an answer to!


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