Thief Completed!

Awhile ago, I had posted a progress post regarding the latest iteration of the Thief game. Since I have had to put myself on a bit of a sabbatical, I have finally completed several things; namely Grad School and Thief! Since I had covered the majority of the mechanics in the previous post, I’ll continue this one with general flow and final conclusions for the game.


As stated in reviews when the game first came out, the plot line is a bit haphazard. The entire plot is centered around Garret seeking out pieces of the “Primal”, some kind of magical stone of immense power. The backstory of the Primal is far from complete. As Garret sneaks and swoops around his various environments, there are the especially creepy cut scenes where he enters either some kind of dream state or altered state of consciousness. Here, he can hear Erin guiding him through this desolate nightmare to reveal a bit more of her own backstory. Still, the only explanation we receive regarding the Primal is that it is very old and turns humans in to hellish freaks who shun the light. Not quite zombies, but children of the darkness.


TKO in 5….4…3…
(PC Gamer)

Over the years, I have become a fan of the stealth style of game play. I’m not quite sure why, either. It’s far less exciting than rocking through enemies with spectacular theater, and there’s no point bonuses for stacking combos of destruction. Yet, I find an odd sense of accomplishment when I’m able to work my way through an entire compound of guards without a single alarm. I imagine what it would be like for the first guard to wake back up, or for the first round of guards to come by for a shift change. They appear, take a look around and think “What in God’s name happened!?!? Bodies EVERYWHERE, the boss’s jewels are GONE, and not a single one of you idiots saw anything?!?!”

Also, its particularly fun to snipe with thrown bottles. If the guard isn’t wearing a helmet, you can knock him out with the empty bottles that you can find lying around if you connect with a direct head shot. 


Plenty of extra loot sets to complete.
From VideoGameBlogger

I tried. I tried SO hard to find everything. I spent so much time retracing my steps and revisiting the same locations repeatedly to find everything that i could. And yet, AND YET I never found more than 96% off all the loot in a single mission! There were even a few missions where I sat back at the end and thought “Hell ya, I just looted the shiznit out of that biznatch!” and the end of mission stats mock me with “80% Loot, 2 of 6 Special Items found”.


Obviously, I am no where as stealthy as I think I am, and I am far from any kind of Master Thief. Whatever, I still racked up the knock-outs. 

Still, for those who are more demanding of themselves, there is PLENTY of well hidden loot for you to scour around for. There are several collectible sets to complete, like special rings, brooches, weird humanoid paintings from a clinically insane artist, and even a whole set of historical district plaques from around The City. Finding and completing these sets will only give you trophies/achievement points, and will not unlock any additional bonuses. So, appease your ego at your own expense.

NOTE: As a bit of a completionist myself, I completely understand the burning urge to do so. Personally, it was a bit much and I was playing this while taking grad classes, so I had to give it up and move on, unfortunately.


Thief was a game that I personally enjoyed. In my progress post I had stated that the game is designed and intended for a specific audience and will only allow a specific type of play style. Even with it’s flaws and plotline shortcomings, I still hold on to my previous assessment that it is a quality game. It will not be as action packed as any of the military shooter, it doesn’t have much replayability, if any at all. Still, the city that was created elicited such a dark, damp, and miserable ambiance which created an oddly refreshing change of pace from the typical burst of brightness and color. For example:

The Siren’s Rest, the “warmest” Pub in The City

That pic right there? That’s the “Siren’s Rest”. That is what the warmest pub in The City looks like on the outside.Ya, that’s basically how the entire game feels.

But that’s the point of the game’s art. Its supposed to be miserable. In that endeavor, Thief hits the mark and hit’s it HARD. 

So my overall thoughts of the game? Its solid given the above stated caveats. Some of my friends that I game with I wouldn’t even bother suggesting it to since they play primarily sports games or military shooters. I mean, I’ve MENTIONED it to them, but I know full well that they won’t even bother with it. Other gamers who have more adventurous tastes or who are finding their tastes changing should absolutely give this game a try. Just understand, there’s going to be a lot of sitting still and waiting for the opportunity to swoop between shadows to set up for the takedown. And then you’ll wait….again…

…and if you’re like me, your heart will be beating the entire time!


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