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Alligator is now Lenten Friendly?

Carnivores, Theologians, and Cajuns REJOICE! Apparently, this isn’t “new” news, but it’s still welcome news now that it has hit a grander scale. In accordance with the Catholic Church, Alligator is part of the reptile family which is close enough to fish where it gets a holy Thumbs Up! For those who may not know, Lent is the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter where it is a time of personal sacrifice, fasting, and, the most critical part for this blog post, no meat on Fridays. This of course is a gross over simplification of the season, but for now it will do. As part of the whole “Abstaining from Meat” part, Catholics are still allowed to consume fish and seafood in limited quantities. Recently on NPR, my fiance heard a story that blew my mind: Alligator is still allowed on the menu!  Continue reading Alligator is now Lenten Friendly?