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TAO of Watch_Dogs Story Trailer

*Updated with new information found in the “Character Trailer” – 05/13/14

Unless you’ve completely disconnected from the web recently, you probably know that Watch_Dogs has a release date and a new trailer that explains the storyline. This trailer has all sorts of awesomeness embedded in it, including a new enemy (frienemy by the end?) and a few explanations for the relationships that Aiden has with his friends. Lots of stuff to pick apart, so let’s get to it!

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New Story Trailer for Watch_Dogs

The Watch_Dogs team has awoken! And from their digital slumber they bring a release date and a new Story Trailer! Check it out here, leave your thoughts in the comments, and know that I’ll be giving this the T.A.O. treatment soon!

T.A.O. of Child of Light

It’s been awhile now since Child of Light was first announced by Ubisoft, and recently we received some fantastic news and a couple of new trailers! A good amount is already known for this game, such as the protagonist and her little orb companion, the beautiful water colors, and the side-scrolling format. For this purpose of this post, we’ll be doing a quick breakdown the “Feature Trailer – Child Of Light”.

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T.A.O. of GTA V: Official Gameplay Video

First impressions after watching the video in its entirety:

  1. Unfortunately, definitely current gen for consoles.
  2. H-h…holy…!
  3. I’m going to have to schedule more vacation days at the office for this.

Yes, the trailer makes the game look that good, even if it is on current gen. here, take a look for yourself:

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T.A.O. of Destiny: Gameplay Reveal trailer

On July 3rd, Bungie released a new Gameplay trailer for the forthcoming game Destiny. This trailer is mostly a cleaned up, more deliberate variant of the gameplay demo that was shown live at E3, and it was also released in HD. They order of players have been mixed up, and the main narrator takes a bit more time to describe what is happening on the screen. Still, there is plenty that isn’t described, so let’s a look at what was overlooked. First, the official gameplay trailer:

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T.A.O. of RYSE: Son of Rome

You’ve seen Gladiator and Spartacus, or perhaps stayed at “Caesar’s Palace” on the Las Vegas Strip,  even ran across it’s rooftops in Assassin’s Creed. Did you join the “Imperial” Legion in Skyrim, or aid Caesar in the Post-Apocalyptic dystopian “New Vegas” of Fallout? Through out history, the magnificence of the Roman Empire has romanced historians, movie goers, and gamers with it’s grandeur and inevitable fall. With the coming of the XBox One, Microsoft has announced a console exclusive, RYSE: Son of Rome. And now, the official trailer:

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T.A.O. of Dying Light – Run, Boy, Run

In the past few years, there have been more than a few Zombie games. Resident Evil is currently in it’s 6th iteration, Call Of Duty has it’s own Zombie Mode, and there are zombie enemy types in more games than I care to list. For the most part, I have ignored these Zombie Themed games out of personal lack of interest. But whenever a new one comes out, it’s typically worth a look. As such would be the case with the newly released trailer from Techland, titled “Dying Light“:

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