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Posted today over at, a 2.5hr Podcast of what’s been going down at the E3 Convention, which wrapped up today. Take a listen at what these guys have seen and experienced in the past week at gaming’s biggest convention. They go over all the details that you’ll need to know about the next-gen consoles and a detailed look at a broad range of games and what they will be bringing to your tv!

Next week, I’ll be getting posting up a few “Aftermath” posts to recap all the action, and  also a few follow-up posts to trailers that have already been reviewed. 

Listen, enjoy, get your pre-orders in, and come back for the next series of posts!




A friend of mine posted this. I thought it was pretty awesome, so I’m going to re-blog it on mine. Why would I do something like this? Because. That’s why.

The Draughts are Deep

So I killed a rooster and turned him into beer.

Shockingly, though, I’m not interested in discussing my cock or its majesty at any…length…in this post. A discussion about the production of cock ale will probably be put up much later, so you will have to wait very patiently to sample my cock.


I promise, I’m an adult and a professional government employee. Really.

No, this post is a further examination of a topic I’ve already addressed. In a sense, I’ve already touched upon my cock – but it warrants revisiting.

You see, from time to time I still ask myself, “Self, why are we doing this? Why did this majestic cock need to die?”

I had a lengthy discussion with my good friend Phil (the expert cock handler pictured above) during the weekend where Death Cluck was slated to die; his extensive undergraduate education netted him degrees in…

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The Rantin’ & Ravin’ Show 5-28-2013

The Rantin’ & Ravin’ Show 5-28-2013

I was just on the Rantin’ & Ravin’ Show discussing the Xbox One Reveal!

The Rantin’ & Ravin’ Show is the live internet radio show for the Sports Rants website. Typically, the show is dedicated to Sports talk, but this week the host decided to have me on to discuss the console and how it will impact sports fans. I touched on the integration of the console with your live TV and sports, the NFL agreement, and tracking your fantasy team. Unfortunately, it was a short segment so there was NO WAY we could cover everything. But to catch up on what all went down, here’s my write up and here’s IGN’s console comparison.

Here’s to hoping for several more appearances!