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Watch_Dogs Review: Digital Trips and Disposable Characters

While I would have preferred to utilize my typical format of “Initial Response”, “Progress Review”, and “Final Conclusions”, recent grad classes had gotten in the way of my usual flow.

Pffft! School!? Bah!

So here I am, a bit late to the game with my all encompassing review of the Digital Anarchy that is Watch_Dogs. #EverythingIsConnected

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Time to say goodbye…for now

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to concede that I simply do not have the time to post regularly for the time being. I’ve been struggling to maintain a normal life complete with my full-time job, my new wife, keeping the house in order, and all the other auxiliary aspects that make life what it is, and that is beautiful. On top of all this, I have also been taking classes towards an MBA Certificate at a local college. While i have been able to maintain posting, and prerequisite gaming to post about, during this time, I am no longer able to do so since I have opted to take on the final two courses concurrently, as they are only offered during the summer trimester. Should I have only taken one of the courses, I would have been forced to wait an entire year until the remaining course is offered again. While Gaming and Game writing is AWESOME, my personal career has waited far too long to begin with.

So I must leave you all, at least for about 2 months until the courses have completed. With this departure, I leave you with the above video which I admit may be a bit out of character, especially for those of you who know me personally 🙂 And yet, you should find it quite fitting at the same time. I have recently become a proponent of promoting Video Games as Art. You can see it all design aspects, from environment design, dialogue writing, and theme music composing. Last November I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a “Video Games Live” concert, which I HIGHLY suggest everyone in my readership attend as well! By hearing the music performed in such a way along side the visuals of each respective game was absolutely stunning and solidified my stance of the maturation of gaming as a medium of entertainment and art. Maybe this time away will allow me to refocus my blogging efforts from Gaming News to Gaming Commentary with a focus on Social Impact and the Arts. We shall see!

So yes, friends, it is time for me to say goodbye. But just for now, and I promise to be back as soon as I can!

Until then, #RespectTheGame !

Thief is a DARK game!

From http://dominus.ttlg.com/

Thief is a dark game. And by that I mean DARK! Like, perpetual night, everything is damp, the colors are cold, and even the fires and torches seem to give only partial respite from dreary, tired…blah! I’ve played games that have been dark before, but nothing like this. Typically in games that I play, it will be that one “dark” or “gothic” level or dungeon. For the most part, the designers try to make the most visually appealing landscape possible, with lush colors and vibrant themes that bring the player’s senses alive. They maintain this method pretty well, and then create a that one “dark” stronghold or sequence to give the game’s environment some contrast. Thief is the absolute opposite. Here, EVERYTHING is dark. EVERYTHING is damp. With the fires around the city, I feel that if I were to stand beside one, I would be able to warm my hands but I wouldn’t get enough warmth to dry my coat, and my boots and back would remain cold and soggy. Continue reading Thief is a DARK game!

C3 WiR(e) – 2014-03-24

Ranters! It is the week of March 24th, 2014. For Sports Rants Gaming, I am Anthony Rossi from the Coffee and Cornchips gaming blog with the C3 WiR(e), a week in review recap of the gaming world. This week’s headlines include:

  • Arcade classic Gauntlet is set to make a return
  • The Diablo 3 Auction house is officially CLOSED
  • A friendly train ride in Wolfenstien goes horribly wrong
  • And we’ve BIG news on the Assassin’s Creed front!

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TAO of Watch_Dogs Story Trailer

*Updated with new information found in the “Character Trailer” – 05/13/14

Unless you’ve completely disconnected from the web recently, you probably know that Watch_Dogs has a release date and a new trailer that explains the storyline. This trailer has all sorts of awesomeness embedded in it, including a new enemy (frienemy by the end?) and a few explanations for the relationships that Aiden has with his friends. Lots of stuff to pick apart, so let’s get to it!

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Ryse: Son of Rome Review (and why every game doesn’t need to be an Epic)

Back in June of 2013, I did a T.A.O. post on the trailer for Ryse: Son of Rome after seeing the latest trailer from E3. There’s no doubt that the game looked quite impressive visually, and promised more than just a little bit of gore. As the months ground on up to the game’s release, previews of the game were less than optimistic. The most common adjective used to described the game was “Repetitive”, which for someone like me who enjoys seeing the depth that writers and developers can achieve, didn’t bode well. I live for experimentation with abstract ideas and to question my own subconscious. Something as flat as a button masher evokes absolutely no emotional response from me. But alas, Rome is totally awesome and there’s no way that I’m going to allow something like “Gladiator: The Video Game” pass me by!
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Fallout 4 Info leaked, to be set in Boston

So as anyone who’s been following any gaming blog or other news feed and is a fan of the Fallout Frachise knows, the Survivor2299 site has been admitted to being an, albeit elaborate and extremely convincing, hoax. This saddens me, no matter how much I knew, myself, that it just didn’t fit the typical method for an official teaser. Still, I allowed myself to hope, and I dared to believe. Alas, the site creator has admitted such is the case, the countdown and it’s date have come and gone, and we have no new news on the Fallout front. Such is life.

Or at least, it was until this morning……
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