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Krieg Backstory Video: A Meat Bicycle Built for Two

Recently, Gearbox released a short vid describing a bit of the backstory for Krieg, our not-so-friendly Psycho in Borderlands 2. Not much more is given about his origins, but we do get to hear more of his sane side than we do in typical gameplay. Perhaps we’ll just leave it as that: He used to be a normal guy, but Hyperion conducted experiments on him until he broke. Happy hacking!!


Krieg the Psycho Recap

As of the publishing this, the 6th playable character class for Borderlands 2 has been active for over a day. I’ve been tracking this guy since his teaser trailer, and immediately began making hypotheses regarding what his play style would be. Now that I’ve had a chance to rampage a bit around Pandora with him, lets take a look back at what we got right and what we got wrong: Continue reading Krieg the Psycho Recap

Krieg The Psycho: Released Date Revealed

Krieg The Psycho: Released Date Revealed

For more Krieg info, see the summation post.

“Krieg: The Psycho”, Borderland 2’s 6th playable character class will be available for download on May 14th, 2013 as per the release by Gearbox Software today.

For more info regarding this bandit-turned-vault hunter, see my previous post regarding his announcement.

Krieg, The Psycho Bandit! (And other BL2 DLC news)

** UPDATE – 5/6/2013 **

Gearbox has officially announced that Krieg will be released on May 15th. GET READY TO LIGHT THE FUSES!!!


And now, he has been officially announced! Much to my dismay, the new Borderlands 2 6th Character class will NOT be a TMNT themed lab rat, but that’s ok. As a new twist, the folks over at Gearbox will allow us to play as Krieg, a Psycho Bandit, complete with one of those freaky looking Buzz Axes! Check the new and updated trailer for the release:

So here we have Krieg who is obviously all sorts of ready to dole out some Pandoran Harshness. He is wielding a modified Buzz Axe in his right hand and his left has a bolted gauntlet that is connected to his back (I think?). He’s rocking the typical Psycho Bandit garb, which is essentially bare-chested desert punk, and has a gas-mask breather on top of his Borderlands inspired hockey mask. There’s really not much about this guy’s visage that doesn’t say “BEAT DOWNS FOR EVERYONE!!” Continue reading Krieg, The Psycho Bandit! (And other BL2 DLC news)