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C3 WiR(e) – 2013-11-04

Ranters! It is November 4th, 2013. For Sports Rants Gaming, I am Anthony Rossi, aka Hyp3rSint4x from the Coffee and Cornchips gaming blog with the C3 WiR(e), a week in review recap of the gaming world. This week’s headlines include:

  • South Park: The Stick of Truth gets delayed!
  • Eidos stated as a possible studio to develop the next Final Fantasy
  • Can Jonathan Ross help change the thinking at Xbox?
  • Halo: Spartan Assault to come to Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • New Call of Duty Mode lets you take on Aliens

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GTA V: Intro Mission GamePlay

Here’s a first look at the Intro Mission Gameplay for GTA V. I’ll take you up to the first unlockable achievement with limited commentary. After that, you’re on your own!

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T.A.O. Of GTA V: Official Gameplay Video
GTA V Midnight Release Unboxing!

GTA V Midnight Release Unboxing!

Yes, I attended the Midnight Release for GTA V, and I’m back here to show you what’s in the box! I did notice that the game box was quite heavy after I got it. This was probably due to the fact that it has 2 DVDs (I play on Xbox 360) and the MASSIVE MAP that didn’t even fit in my cam’s view. Hopfully, by mid afternoon tomorrow (er, “today” since it’s 1:43 on the East Coast) I’ll be able to have some gameplay footage up for you!

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T.A.O. Of GTA V: Official Gameplay Video


T.A.O. of GTA V: Official Gameplay Video

First impressions after watching the video in its entirety:

  1. Unfortunately, definitely current gen for consoles.
  2. H-h…holy…..wow!
  3. I’m going to have to schedule more vacation days at the office for this.

Yes, the trailer makes the game look that good, even if it is on current gen. here, take a look for yourself:

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Xbox Announces TWC TV App

Earlier today, Xbox announced that they are finalizing a partnership with Time Warner Cable to allow Xbox Live Gold users to stream live TV through their Xbox 360s. For the full announcement, click here. Obviously, this is the next transitional step towards the ultimate goal of funneling everything through your console in preparation for the Xbox One. The quick breakdown is that if you have an Xbox Live Gold account and a Time Warner Cable subscription, you will then be able to download the app to steam TWC content through your console. Once that is set up, you can then interact with your TV streaming via Kinect as well. Again, this is a preparatory/transitional step to get people accustomed to interacting with their TV before the Xbox One rolls out later this year.

I see this as being the first partnership of all the major cable providers. Now that this has been announced, Verizon and Comcast will do the same, if they haven’t been in negotiations already. I also fully expect Satellite providers to follow suit, and well as Google Fiber.

As for the level of TWC subscriptions required, I immediately reached out to Major Nelson via Twitter from my personal account and received an update from TWC_Help:

BOOOOM!!!!! The Coffee and Cornchips Blog’s first exclusive!!!

And from the TWC_Help themselves, we see that you’ll need “At least our standard cable package”. Obviously, if you want to stream ANYTHING, TWC or otherwise, you’re going to need a High Speed connection to begin with. But as per this convo, to be able to use the app you’ll also need to at least subscribe to their bottom tier TV package. While not the optimal solution, it will be cheaper than the Digital subscription I currently have.

Chances are, this is simply the beginning. I’m sure there will be plenty more updates and new apps to come out prior to the Next-Gen’s release. In the meantime, we’ll just site back and rock a little more Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. I’ll be sure to post my first impressions of this soon!

T.A.O. of Destiny – Law of the Jungle Trailer

For awhile now, the gaming community has been anticipating the newest project from Bungie. In a previous announcement, we learned that their new project, Destiny, is to be something massive and immersive. From the initial details, it seems that Bungie will be sticking close to the concept of Halo, being a Sci Fi Space Combat FPS. The thing that struck me the most regarding it’s announcement trailer was that it suggested that the story would unfold over the 10 years. That’s quite an ambitious goal! Not only are you certain that this game will be amazing, but it will be so amazing that it will warrant additional games to be made after it and that these additional iterations of the game will be continue to be so alluring that the franchise will persist for a full decade! Ok Bungie, show me what you’ve got! Continue reading T.A.O. of Destiny – Law of the Jungle Trailer